Thursday, April 15, 2010



For this time my fyp flash is moving of all chapter & also link. This is all picture that i do and i finally done it.

















-For budjet planning, i buy a Acer T230H - LCD Monitor Touch Screen with the prize for RM 919.00. Others part like Laptop, Software, Speaker, Plug, Table exhibition is all ready i have.


-Acer T230H - LCD Monitor Touch Screen
-Table Exhibition


It is a all about my concept navigation in flash and combination with technical.


This video is all about my fyp with navigation in flash and also the LCD touch screen. Check it out :)



When I started to create my product, it's was very much focused on the process and digital origins of the work. Now I am trying to introduce more of the interactive informative touch screen based on the ideas of experience. For beginning, my study work is on more the minangkabau house legacy so that young generation knows about unique culture in negeri sembilan. The concept are more informative graphic, have a content, picture, video, 3D animation and how that works into composition. These are ideas I want to challenge and question through digital informative area. My installation features is about a monitor touch screen so that audient can feel touch screen concept. Speaking about personal space, i'm using a little space so that it's look like simple but have a lot of attraction on the digital installation. My project is aimed to explore the possibility of multisensorial perception in design. My website ia about all information minangkabau house in negeri sembilan. My favorite tool & material are monitor touch screen it's because this is my first experience. It's really cool and i like it so much. I select this material because it make a my digital concept very unique & have a modern style in my installation. I'm using all element in multimedia because to make my informative look's very cool, simple & have fun with installation monitor touch screen. The differently from the way that i taught is that i want the audience very clear understand of my digital & installation concept. The way i do of what i do is to tell a story about minangkabau house as specially about the environment of village house. For my digital informative is more for the historical of minangkabau house structure & the moralistic are to send a massage for young generation about a unique minangkabau house that only have in negeri sembilan.


I used the monitor touch screen to create some touchable installation experience in my work. The technical part for the monitor touch screen does have a two LED sensor to detect when a finger touch a screen monitor. The system of touch screen works on the the installed in the monitor touch screen must have a item LED sensor and also must have a scripting to run the program.

In digital format, I used Photoshop as an advanced collage tool. Its allowed me to create unique effects and integrate the effects. The use of marks allowed sharp selection and integration of various objects. By carefully choosing the opacity, I was able to create transitions from an object in one modality to an object in another. Another part that i used is a 3D Lightwave to create to 3D modeling minangkabau house. This is have a 3 part, the first one is a roof, secondly is structure house & third one is a pillar. The content, picture & video is a related of the minangkabau house legacy historical.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

CRITIQUE 02:Tangible Interface & Intangible Interface

Tangible Interface:-

I'm using the Acer LCD monitor touch screen to replace my idea of gadget that i want to using is panel touch. This video is demo of Acer LCD monitor touch screen. It's must have a plug cable, usb monitor & cable monitor to run the Acer LCD monitor touch screen.

Intangible Interface:-

1) Screen design with preliminary navigation in flash

Unlucky today my navigation flash are crash during because of my laptop is hang during i'm doing lightwave 3d & also flash kt the same time. I will finish all my navigation flash before critique 03. So this is a screen design that i got to show without navigation. I'm so sorry..

(01 - Intro)

(02 - Main Menu)

(03 - 3D Roof)

(04 - 3D Structure)

(05 - Guest Room)

(06 - Religion Room)

(07 - Mother Room)

(08 - Family Room)

(09 - Kitchen Room)

(10 - Upper Room)

(11 - 3D Pillar)

2) Processing or vvvv patch file in progress

(01 - Intro)

(02 - Main Menu)

(03 - 3D Roof)

(04 - 3D Structure)

(05 - Guest Room)

(06 - Religion Room)

(07 - Mother Room)

(08 - Family Room)

(09 - Kitchen Room)

(10 - Upper Room)

(11 - 3D Pillar)

3) Video mapping interface

This video is a video mapping interface for my fyp "THE LEGACY OF MINANGKABAU HOUSE"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

CRITIQUE 01: Digital Art & Project Log

ROOF - Minangkabau roof has the privilege from structure aspect roofshape yg unique. Errand to run rain water out when rain water terkene in minangkabau roof.

STRUCTURE HOUSE AND ROOM - In house structure minangkabau having 6 rooms :-

1.GUESTS ROOM - For counters male guest visit minangkabau house.
2.RELIGION ROOM - For religious ceremony such as prayers,read Al-Quran,berzikir etc.
3.MOTHER ROOM - For mothers and young girl adult collect.
4.UPPER STOREY OF HOUSE - To keep goods food & safety for young adult girl.
5.ROOM - For the family included / close only.
6.KITCHEN - For womenfolk and virgin cooking.

PILLAR - Post be at every minangkabau corner of the house possess specialty really unique when at every this post angle had no a nail even to anchor sturcture minangkabau house. It's called PASAK which functions to wedge post so that did not fall in and strong.

(Sketches Diagram design Minangkabau House)

(Illustrate in Color for Diagram design Minangkabau House)

(Flowchart Minangkabau House)

(Space Planning)

For space planning, this is a part of my space planning for FYP & Event show:-

1. Table
2. Laptop
3. LCD Screen
4. Panel Touch
5. USB wire
6. Speaker
7. Plug Attention

Monday, December 21, 2009

FYP 2: Change fyp1 title, storyboard and idea 4 for project design

1. Title

After presentation by 17.12.2009 on Thursday, Mr.KY said that is better to change a title “Minangkabau House Idle in Negeri Sembilan” to “Minangkabau House Negeri Sembilan Legacy” to see more focus about Negeri Sembilan Minangkabau House only. But i change a little bit about the title to be “Minangkabau House Nagari 9 Legacy” because in language minang, "Negeri" is called "NAGARI" and word "Sembilan" i change in number "9" to see a different.

2. Storyboard & Project Design

The comment of two lectures Mr.KY and Dr.Koo are:

  • Focus more about minangkabau house only.

  • Find more about unique minangkabau house for example minangkabau house doesn’t have a nail but have a unique style to build the minangkabau house is call “pasak”.

  • For my 4th idea in the Project Design, I want to do a touch screen as an interaction.

New Poster with a new title and related picture

3. Touch Screen (Idea)

This video is called EON Touchlight that i found in youtube. I want to do something like this in my fyp2 in term of touch screen so the audience can feel went it touch the screen & have a interaction.

Monday, December 14, 2009

PROJECT DESIGN : Storyboard, Floorplan, Diagram, Poster & Artist Impression


This is a storyboard that i think in my mind so that my FYP look simple, nice and user friendly from the flow of my FYP storyboard


IDEA ONE : Sketches floorplan 3D Projection by using projector in the wall

IDEA TWO : Sketches floorplan 3D Projecton by using projector and perspex (plastic)

IDEA THREE : 3D Informative Graphic in Interactive CD-ROM


This diagram is about the flow of go throw of my fyp

This Flowchart is about the flow of go throw of my fyp


This is my fyp poster to promote the unique of legacy in Negeri Sembilan so that previous and next generation know what is Minangkabau House only have in Negeri Sembilan

5. ARTIST IMPRESSION (Video 30 sec)

This is my concept of idea for my fyp2 in video promotion (Thriller) with illustration animation